Every service features a special message on selected topics. Sometimes these messages focus on an upcoming holy day, a special insight into the Scriptures, or a pressing topic regarding current events.

Each week, and on the holy days, the messages are posted here online. Enjoy!

The Covenants in the Bible

Posted Aug 20, 2017

the cup of the covenant with matzah

R. Dennis Richards presents the three key principles of covenantal theology and touches on the covenants in the Bible, arriving at the what is called “The New Covenant.” He shows the true meaning of what the Messiah was saying to his disciples before his death and clears up major misunderstandings about God’s covenants and what they mean, even for His people today.

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Anointed, Called & Confused! 7 (Re-eh)

Posted Aug 20, 2017

R. Paul Falk continues on the Holy Spirit with this insightful teaching on “strange fire,” or the form of worship brought by Nadab and Abihu that was not commanded. He presents the deeper meanings of fire as seen throughout the scriptures which shine additional light on how we could actually be bringing strange fire in our worship today.

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Anointed, Called, and Confused 6

Posted Aug 13, 2017

R. Paul Falk continues the series on The Holy Spirit explaining the overall objective of The Spirit, from Genesis to The Revelation. This is also a fresh awakening to what it really meant when Yeshua told his disciples to pray for the Father’s will be done.

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The Spiritual World of the Dead 3 – Abraham’s Bosom

Posted Aug 5, 2017

R. Dennis Richards continues his series on the afterlife looking at Luke 16:22-23 which refers to the story about Lazarus in “Abraham’s bosom.” Studying key words such as  “paradise,” “Eden,” and “thousand,” a clearer understanding about the future of the earth emerges.



Anointed, Called and Confused 5 (Va-Etchannan)

Posted Aug 5, 2017

R. Paul Falk continues the series on the Holy Spirit with this Torah portion, focusing on what it means to “blaspheme the Spirit” referred to as “the unforgivable sin” in Matthew 12:31-32. Apparently, this is not a new concept but one that has roots in several passages in the Torah.


Anointed, Called and Confused 4 (Devarim)

Posted Jul 30, 2017

R. Paul Falk continues this eye-opening series on the Holy Spirit, starting from the first Torah portion in the book of Deuteronomy (Devarim), and examining exactly what it means to be born in the Spirit, as well the primary purpose that the Holy Spirit has in our lives.



Anointed Called and Confused 3

Posted Jul 23, 2017

R. Paul Falk continues this groundbreaking series on the Holy Spirit in which he reveals some major misconceptions that we have had about the Spirit with a number of insightful correlations between Yeshua’s references to the Spirit and the workings of the Spirit of God in the Torah.


The Spiritual World of the Dead – Part 2

Posted Jul 16, 2017

R. Dennis Richards continues the series on the afterlife, examining each name of the places in the Bible that we apparently go to after the death of our bodies, dispelling some of the false doctrines which influenced our modern translations, especially regarding Hell as a place of unquenchable fire.



The Spiritual World of the Dead 1

Posted Jul 9, 2017

R. Dennis Richards examines the numerous references in the Scriptures to where the dead go after death, including various terms that are used to describe the underworld such as “Hell,” “Sheol,” “Hades” and others. We have many misconceptions based on the history of this topic, the translators of our Bible and the influences from other cultures.

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Anointed, Called & Confused 2

Posted Jul 2, 2017

R. Paul Falk clarifies the term “anointed” and shows several of aspects that are always in common with everyone who has been anointed in the scriptures. He focuses on several examples including Saul, David, Samson and also Yeshua.