Torah Portions

Torah Portions

For more than two thousand years, the entire Jewish community all around the world has focused on the same part of the Scriptures each week called (in English) the Torah portion.  Except during Hebraic holy days, the weekly Torah portion is featured  in the synagogue (house of study) every Shabbat.

Torah OpenedTypically, the Torah is divided into 54 portions so that the Torah is entirely cycled through once each year. It is a long-standing and fascinating tradition that has kept the entire Israelite community unified in a special way, wherever they might be, for thousands of years.

There is also a Triennial reading cycle which divides the Torah into thirds, and then into smaller portions so that cycling through the entire Torah requires three consecutive years. Instituted during the 19th century, the triennial cycle allows more in-depth focus on smaller sections of Scripture than the traditional annual cycle.

Traditionally, in many synagogues, a Torah scroll is ceremonially removed from the ark (a dedicated cabinet) and is opened to the weekly portion from which a segment is read. At ARIEL, the ark is opened with a traditional Torah blessing, but not often removed, and a selected highlight of the weekly portion is read from an English translation. Afterwards, the ark containing the Torah is respectfully closed as another traditional blessing is said.

The Torah portions at ARIEL are also recorded each week and posted here online. Enjoy!

Mountains 1 – His Presence

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Mountains 1

R. Paul Falk begins a new series on Mountains in Scripture starting with the Torah portion Yitro and the event at Mt. Sinai which struck the people with fear and trembling to the point that they asked not to be spoken to directly by Yah Himself again.

Crossing the Sea (Beshalach)

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Crossing the Sea title slide

Patrick Shannon shares numerous observations about how the Father deals with us today from the events leading up to and including the crossing of the Sea during the Israelites’ exodus from Egypt.

BO 2020

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BO 2020 title slide

Rick Ortiz shares an outline of the Torah portion, Bo, and gives several examples of how the Father gives His people favor in the sight of the nations, and even enemy kings, even though Pharaoh’s heart was hardened.

Softening Stone (Va’era)

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Softening Stone title slide

Chris Shannon shows a certain pattern in the Torah portion Va’era in which Pharaoh changes his responses to the first of the ten plagues to the ones that occur to Egypt only, and not on the Israelites in Goshen, which also shows how our responses with either hardened heart or humility affect our particular outcomes.

Blessing (Vayechi)

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Blessing - title slide

Patrick Shannon presents a teaching on Blessing, starting from the Torah portion Vayechi in which Jacob blessed his sons and showing an encapsulated overview of all the different uses of words from the same root and their various meanings in the scriptures. Interesting to understand the actual meaning of the word as it pertains to how and why we bless our Father, our children, others, and even ourselves.

Vayigash 2020

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Rick Ortiz outlines the Torah portion, Vayigash, and shows the dramatic change that Joseph underwent during his plight in Egypt for his sake and the sake of all Israel.

Up for Interpretation (Miketz)

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Chris Shannon takes a hard look at interpretation of dreams in the scriptures to determine whether or not all of us should be able to interpret dreams if we really know the scriptures. His conclusion may surprise you.

Jacob’s Lesson (Vayishlach)

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Patrick Shannon shares insights from Jacob’s return to meet Esau showing a certain lesson that Jacob was to learn, which we ALL need to learn, and which changed his name from Jacob to Israel, just as we each become Israel ourselves.

Children of Abraham 10 – The Samaritan Conversation

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Children of Abraham 10

R. Paul Falk expounds on the even in which Yeshua questions the women at the well in John 4, expounding on the differences between Samaritans and Jews, especially as depicted by passages in the Tanakh (Old Testament). A very educational teaching about being a well of water in our Father’s Word.

Toldot 2019 – 2 Kinds of People

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Toldot 2019 - 2 Kinds of People

Rick Ortiz shares an outline fo the Torah portion, Chayei Sarah, and then highlights the birth of Jacob and Esau and how Esau lost the inheritance fo the first-born as Jacob basically stole it. A simplified illustration leading to the conclusion that there are two kinds of people.